Stallion 10′ Sliding Table Saw

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Stallion table saws are designed with attributes like strength, grace, power and beauty. CWI Woodworking Technologies has developed Stallion Sawing Equipment to be among the elite of woodworking machinery sold in North America.

An industrial Stallion table saw like the S10 which features a sliding table and scoring capability is loaded with industry leading features, performance and safety built into its frame.

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Product Details
The S10 is the large industrial brother to the S5 and S8 Stallion sliding/scoring panel saws. It is a much heavier stronger build with abilities for the small to mid-size commercial wood shop to be the go to saw for production work. A true workhorse machine designed for accuracy and ability to accomplish any demanding task asked of it.

The quality of the build, the cast iron trunnions, the anodized aluminum sliding table and the included sawing accessories make this machine stand out against any competitive sized machine on the market today.
The S10 is a true industrial quality saw operating on Three Phase electrical power with a ¾ HP scoring motor  and a 126” stroke of the sliding table to allow full ripping and crosscutting of 10’ sheet goods.

The S10 uses an industrial sized 120mm x 20mm bore scoring saw blade set (not included) and because it operates with its own motor it can be left in the off position and lowered into the body of the saw when being used for solid wood applications. Maintenance and adjustments of the accuracy in the sliding table and fences are easily accessed and a simple task. Once set, the robustness of the saw holds everything tight and true for a truly industrial capable saw.
Using the S10 saw for cutting man made laminates, melamine’s or veneered plywood’s is a dream. Always getting perfect cuts top and bottom with no chipping.

Equally as impressive the S10 is amazing for cutting solid woods, dado cutting, taper cuts, miter cuts and more. The large crosscut fence on the outrigger support comes with two flip stops and is also able to easily adjust for miter work on larger panels.

Also included is a miter fence with its own flip stop for small miter work and solid wood cutting.
Safety is another huge advantage of the S10 slider. The operator stands on the left side of the sliding table, not in front of the saw blade, as the sliding table now does all the work instead of the operator’s hands pushing the workpiece past the blade.

So not only does the user get smoother cuts, the clamping accessories allow the work piece to pass the saw blades in a solid locked position.

The “swing away” Euro blade guard is a very nice feature allowing full vision of the saw blade while providing extra safety and dust collection over top of the blade. 
Included with the S10 is a very strong 7.5 HP 220 volt three phase motor to power the main saw blade.

Users can choose from three different blade speeds depending on whether using 12”, 14” or 16” main saw blade (not included).The main blade arbor is a 30mm diameter and a large blade flange with two 10mm pins at 60mm between centers. 

Also standard equipment are a ¾ HP scoring motor, miter fence with flip stop, sliding table for a 126” crosscutting/ripping capacity , full size outrigger table assembly for large workpiece panel support,  full crosscut fence with two flip stops, ¾” dado capacity (30mm bore), eccentric hold down clamp for miter work or small piece cutting, panel clamp for narrow ripping, push bar for the sliding table and 48” rip capacity to the right of the blade with a cast iron/aluminum fence running on a solid steel 2” diameter fence bar.

There are two large steel extensions on the saw, one right of the main cast table and one beyond the cast table for extra work piece support in the cut.
The Stallion S10 sliding/scoring table saw is a true industrial workhorse. The ease of adjustments, the quality of the build, the performance features and the sawing accessories included as standard equipment make these saws stand out over any other brand of table saw.

– 7.5 HP 220 Volt Three Phase Main Motor
– 3/4 HP Scoring Motor
– 12”-16” Dia. Main Saw Blade Capacity w/ 30mm Bore and Two 10mm Pin Holes (Blade Not Included)
– 120mmx 20mm  Scoring blade (Not Included)
– 3000 / 4000 / 5000 RPM Main Blade (3 Speeds Depending on Blade Size)
– 8000 RPM Scoring Blade
– 130mm Cut (90) 90mm Cut (45)
– 1250mm Max Rip Capacity
– Heavy Duty 3200mm x 418mm Aluminum Sliding Table
– Heavy Duty Outrigger for Large panel Support
– Crosscut Fence w/2 Flip Stops (Can Also Angle Cut)
– ”Euro” Swing Away See Through Blade Guard w/80mm Dust Port
– Heavy Cast Fence body with adjustable Aluminum Fence Plate
– Miter Fence w/Flip Stop
– Eccentric Hold Down Clamp
– Push Bar for Sliding table
– Panel Clamp for Long Narrow Workpieces
– Multi Ribbed Flat Drive Belt
– Large Side and Rear Metal Extension Tables
– 4” Dust Inlet Diameter
– CSA Certification
– Floor Space 145” wide x 140” long x 34.5” table height
– Shop Space required to Operate saw  264” x 228” x 58”
– Shipping Dimensions  (Saw 90.5” x 47” x 36”) (Table 142” x 20” x 11”)
– 1914 Pounds Shipping Weight (1672 Pounds Net Weight)
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