SignMeister V4.8-K CNC Router with Oscillating Knife System

SignMeister CNC

Coming Soon from CWI Woodworking Technologies!
The SignMeister Series of CNC Routers are the latest line of industrial CNC routers from CWI Woodworking Technologies.

The SignMeister CNC Router will be available in two configurations. The SignMeister S4.8 features an HSD 3kw router spindle & a T-Slot Bakelite Vacuum Table.

The SignMeister S4.8K includes the addition of an Oscillating Knife System designed specifically for working with plastics, cardboard, foam and other medium density materials. The S4.8K also features a standalone control console with a large 27″ display.

SignMeister S4.8
4′ x 8′ CNC
S4.8K 4’x8′
CNC Router