Floor Model CNC

The new Basic Series of floor model CNC are truly the most advanced routers available today. Designed by CWI to be, robust, fast, simple and the ultimate in performance.

The new Basic Series have now six models, perfect for hobby, professional, sign making, prototyping and educational uses. The Basic Series offer features like including new space saving electrical controls cabinets, vacuum table and pump options, safety lighting, rack and pinion movements and fourth axis rotary options.

Basic M4.4 CNC Router 48″ x 48″
Basic M4.8 CNC Router 48″ x 96″
Basic V4.4 CNC Router 48″ x 48″
Basic V4.8
CNC Router
48″ x 96″
Basic V4.8-P CNC Router 48″x96″ Plus Version
Basic R4.8 CNC Router
48″ x 96″