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CWI Woodworking Technologies is a machinery manufacturer and importation company based on over 47 years’ experience in the woodworking machinery industry. All of our machinery is manufactured by handpicked technically advanced manufacturers from Asia and Europe. Our machinery partners are the best in their field. Whether woodworking for Hobby, Educational or Commercial purposes, our machinery will provide users excellent serviceability and exceptional endurance. CWI Woodworking Technologies is better performance, better features, better quality and better value.

Recent Reviews

DustFX 1.5HP HEPA Cyclone Dust Collector
DustFX 2HP Cyclone Dust Collector
DustFX Polyurethane Dust Collection Hose
I’ve been using the DustFX for about 6 weeks, and have milled about 70 board feet of hardwood. For a small to medium sized shop without miles of dust hose snaking around the shop, the DustFX will, in my view, prove to be an extremely effective dust management system. The current configuration I have is one 10′ dust hose, which I simply swap between my planer and jointer. Eventually I’ll add a second dust hose to serve the jointer, along with a pair of blast gates.

What I especially like about the DustFX is that it removes all the dust generated from my planer and jointer, and there is virtually no dust seepage from the collector. The waste canister is a decent size – I was able to mill on average about 25 bf of rough lumber before the dust bag needed to be emptied. Removing the bag is a piece of cake, and, of course, the collectors low noise level is a real bonus.

I try not to be overly biased, but this really is a great dust collector. I’ve just moved it from the area where I process my lumber into the workshop area, and I can really see the difference in how much less fine dust is in the air, on the projects, on my workbench, and in my hair.

Pro rated across the 5-year warranty, your cost of ownership for this dust collector is about $300 per year. If your looking for a well built, efficient collector that will do a superior job of dust management in your shop, the DustFX DCP015H is well worth considering. If you have a larger shop, or if multiple machines will be used simultaneously, CWI also has 2, 3, and 5 HP cyclone collectors on offer.