Professor Q Series CNC Routers

The Professor Q Series of Bench Top CNC Routers are truly in a class of their own and feature the unique ability to automatically change up to four different cutting tools while machining a project. Like the other Professor bench top CNC, the Q series machines are more robust, more accurate, faster, and better quality than any other bench top CNC in the world. The Q series machines are designed by CWI for hobby, professional and educational users looking for ultimate performance.

These automatic tool change models (ATC) we call our Q series, are available in three working area sizes of 24” x 36”, 24″ x 51″and 48″ x 48″.

Professor Q2.3
CNC Router 24″x36″
Professor Q2.4
CNC Router 24″x51″
Professor Q4.4 CNC Router 48″x48″