Professor Q4.4 CNC Router
48″ x 48″

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The Professor Q Series of Bench Top CNC Routers are truly in a class of their own and feature the unique ability to automatically change up to four different cutting tools while machining a project.

Like the other Professor bench top CNC, the Q series machines are more robust, more accurate, faster, and better quality than any other bench top CNC in the world. The Q series machines are designed by CWI for hobby, professional and educational users looking for ultimate performance.
Product Details
The Professor bench top CNC are built solid from the ground up. The one-piece heavy-duty cast-iron frames provide a very robust structural foundation for extreme rigidity and tight tolerances.

The 1” thick cast aluminum gantry and motor mounts allow a gantry height clearance of 8” and are propelled by exceptionally strong 4-amp stepper motors and 5/8” heavy duty ball screws, running on THK linear guides and bearings.
The Q Series machines are powered by 3.4 HP (2.5 KW) water cooled ATC router motors converted to single phase 220-volt power with use of Delta phase inverter to run at 0 – 18,000 rpm’s. The router spindle comes standard with 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” high precision ER20 collets but other sizes are available.
Keeping the router spindle cool is an industrial chiller providing consistent clean lubrication for the spindle. Much cleaner and more efficient than a hose going to a water bucket like many competitor models.
The dust collection capabilities on the Q series have been specially designed by CWI with safety, efficiency and functionality as its focus. Firstly, we designed two ports of connection. Trying to have a dust hose attached directly to the dust hood around the router spindle always creates difficulty in how to keep a flexible dust hose out of the working area. Because of this many competitor models offer a dust hood as an option and not as standard equipment.
We believe dust collection to be important so adding the second port above the spindle allows a small section of dust hose to attach to the dust hood itself and the other end high above the spindle to keep the dust collector connection high out of the way.

Also built into the dust hood is a dust bellows that seals the area around the router spindle down to the dust hood, creating a better enclosed suction area for increased efficiency.

Then for ease of changing tooling the hood easily slides up and down for different cutting lengths as well as being hinged in half to easily swing the hood open for simple access to change tooling.
The working areas on the Q series are dual layer Bakelite vacuum ready tables, which when partnered with an optional vacuum pump, make a great surface for vacuum clamping the work piece to the table. The tables also feature T-Slots for mechanical holding as well. This allows the user to purchase a vacuum pump with the machine or as an option in the future.
Another unique feature of the Q Series bench top CNC is the ability to add an optional fourth axis attachment for working projects in the round. The machines are all pre-wired, so simply purchase the fourth axis attachment and plug it into the CNC.
Professor CNC 4th Axis Lathe Attachment
The Q Series machines come standard with two tool measure devices for making accurate measurements of tool height when starting your projects. One measure station is mounted directly to the tool changer bar at the back of the machine where when loading new tools into the ISO25 CNC chucks, the machine can automatically measure and record the tool height.

The second portable tool measure can manually be placed anywhere on the table for quick measures during project programs. The tool changer bar has 4 tool holders which can store ISO25 chucks with premeasured tooling for use during projects.

The machine can then automatically, based on the program being cut, load the needed cutters to complete the project without the user having to do manual changes and tool measures.
These amazing machines have a rapid travel speed of 315″/minute and cut at up to 195″/minute. Simple operation of the machines is possible due to the NC Studio model NK105 G3 handheld controller.

Simply download your work program from your computer to a memory stick, slide it into the USB port on the control panel of the CNC and the handheld controller works everything from there – perfect for ease of operation and keeping your computer out of the dusty world of your workshop.
The “guts” of the Professor is a control box full of Schneider CSA contactors, fuses and holders, motor controls and NC Studio control boxes.

The Professor Q series operate on 220-volt power and a standard 15-amp 220-volt circuit breaker.
Professor CNC Electrics
We use Omron micro limit switches for controlling stops and movements of the home positioning.

The Professor is fully CSA certified for use in Canadian and American schools and commercial applications.
CNC design software is not included with the machine but is sold separately. CWI recommends the Vectric CNC products including both V-Carve Pro and Aspire.
Other options you may wish to consider purchasing with your new Professor CNC are our newly designed heavy duty portable CNC stands and enclosures.

The stands are available separately or with an additional safety enclosure. The stands feature heavy duty casters for movement around the shop as well as drawers and cabinets for storage of options like tooling, toolbox, a fourth axis attachment or a vacuum pump.

The enclosures bolt down to the stands to completely enclose the operation of the CNC for safety. There are three large doors that open for ease of access to the CNC but are electronically connected to the CNC for safety. If the doors are open the CNC cannot run a project program.

We offer two sizes of stands/enclosures to fit all Professor Bench Top CNC models.
Professor Bench Top CNC are the most advanced series of machines on the market today.

– Working area: 48” x 48” x 8”
– Bakelite Dual Layer Vacuum Table
– 3.4 HP (2.5 KW) ATC water cooled spindle
– Industrial Chiller
– Pre-Wired Fourth Axis Ready
– Four Position Tool Holder Bar
– ISO25 Tool Holders
– ER20 precision router bit collets
– 1/8”, 1/4” and 1/2” collets included
– Very Robust Cast Iron base frame
– Machined 1” thick aluminum gantry and support arms
– Gantry clearance of 8”
– NC Studio NK105 G3 handheld controller
– USB information transfer port
– Advanced electronics cabinet
– Stepper Class 2 Heavy Duty drive motors
– DELTA 3-phase motor inverter
– SHIMPO gear reducers
– Heavy duty 5/8” precision ball screw Z, X & Y axis
– Traveling speed 315”/minute
– Maximum working speed 195”/minute
– THK linear rails
– Dual Tool measuring sensors
– Schneider CSA electronics
– Omron micro limit switches
– Advanced Deluxe Dust Collection hood w/2.5” connection
– CSA certification
– 1PH 220V 60HZ
– Plywood crate
Options Available:
– Heavy duty steel stand with 2 tool drawers
– Deluxe Cabinet Stand with Casters and multiple Doors and Drawers for Storage.
– Metal Enclosure with Three Electrical Interlock Access Doors
– Vacuum Pump for Hold Down Work
– Fourth Axis Rotary Attachment
– 24″ x 36″ Working Area (CWI-CNC2436Q)
– 24″ x 51″ Working Area (CWI-CNC2451Q)
– Vectric V-Carve Pro software
– Vectric Aspire software
– Starter tooling kit
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