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Professor V4.4 Bench Top CNC Router with Safety Enclosure

Designed specifically with educational applications in mind, the Professor V4.4 CNC Router offers advanced features not found with other bench top CNC routers.

The Professor series of CNC routers also have the option to be housed in a full safety enclosure with three doors that are electronically connected to the CNC. If the doors are open the CNC cannot run a project program. Professor CNC Routers are fully CSA certified for use in Canadian and American schools and commercial applications.
Professor V4.4 Bench Top CNC Router
The Professor bench top CNC are built solid from the ground up. The one-piece heavy-duty cast-iron frames provide a very robust structural foundation for extreme rigidity and tight tolerances.

The 1” thick cast aluminum gantry and motor mounts allow a table height clearance of 8” and are propelled by exceptionally strong 4-amp stepper motors which power 5/8” heavy duty ball screws, running on THK linear guides and bearings.

the V4.4 model uses a 4 HP (3 kW) spindle which run on single phase 220-volt power with use of Delta phase inverter with speeds of 0-18,000 rpm’s. The router spindle comes standard with 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” high precision ER25 collets with other sizes also available.
Professor V4.4 Bench Top CNC Router
The dust collection capabilities on the V series have been specially designed by CWI with safety, efficiency and functionality as its focus. Firstly, we designed two ports of connection.

Trying to have a dust hose attached directly to the dust hood around the router spindle always creates difficulty in how to keep a flexible dust hose out of the working area. Because of this many competitor models offer a dust hood as an option and not as standard equipment.

We believe dust collection to be important so adding the second port above the spindle allows a small section of dust hose to attach to the dust hood itself and the other end high above the spindle to keep the dust collector connection high out of the way.

Also built into the dust hood is a dust bellows that seals the area around the router spindle down to the dust hood, creating a better enclosed suction area for increased efficiency. Then for ease of changing tooling the dust hood has a hinged opening to swing away access for simple tool changes.
Professor CNC 4th Axis Lathe Attachment
Another unique feature of the V series bench top CNC is the ability to add an optional fourth axis attachment for working projects in the round, up to 5” in diameter.

The machines are all pre-wired, so simply purchase the fourth axis attachment and plug it into the CNC.