Stallion 1.5HP 10″ Cabinet Saw w. 30″ Deluxe Fence

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When we think of a Stallion, words like strength, grace, aggression, unbridled and beauty come to mind.

CWI Woodworking Technologies has developed Stallion Sawing Equipment with these attributes as part of its DNA. A Stallion table saw will offer its owner a machine with impressive attributes that will allow him/her to tame any woodworking project with ease.
Product Details
The CWI-T1002 Left Tilt Stallion table saw has more built in features, quality and performance than any competitor in its class.

The most prominent feature a user will first notice is the deluxe Stallion fencing system. 
The fence itself is solid steel tubing welded to very strong angle iron to form what is referred to as a “T” style fencing system.

The steel tube has on either side a t-slot anodized aluminum fence rail almost 2.5” tall.

Overall the fence is very solid at just under 42” long and almost 4” wide and rides on a 2” angle iron supporting a 2 3/8” tubular steel guide for a 30” cut to the right of the saw blade. (A 50” capacity is optional)

The fence can also be placed on the steel guide tube to cut 13” to the left side of the blade as well.
The fence easily adjusts for accuracy with a series of screws to perfect parallelism to the blade and the “T” slot track in the cast iron table. The adjustments also will allow proper locking pressure on the guide tube. The size, strength and accuracy of the Stallion fencing system is among the best of saw fences available today and truly a unique feature in this class of table saw.

The CWI-T1002 is a true cabinet saw with a very strong 15 amp 1.5 hp motor which is wired specifically for 115 volt workshops. Most competitive table saws in this class of machine are actually “hybrid” contractor saws that look like a cabinet saw. The contractor/hybrid cabinet saw has a different trunnion design than what a true cabinet saw offers.
The trunnion system or “saw works” in a contractor saw actually mounts to the underside of the saw table. All of the accuracy adjustments for truing the saw blade with a table mounted trunnion are done buy loosening the four bolts which hold the saw works in place and trying to shift them around until parallelism is achieved. The drawback of this design is the consistent need of maintenance. Those small four bolts are all that holds the weight of the trunnion and motor in place. Users typically find after prolonged use many adjustments are needed to keep accuracy of the saw in place.
The CWI-T1002 is designed differently as the trunnion system is permanently mounted to the heavy gauge metal cabinet.

The cast iron table top is then bolted to the cabinet with four large bolts. To make any accuracy adjustments in your saw simply loosen the four table top bolts and shift the top so the “T” slot in the table is parallel to the saw blade. This design allows for a much heavier built trunnion as well as a more robust mounting system to the cabinet.

This means accuracy maintenance after the heaviest of work loads are almost unheard of.
Not only is the CWI-T1002 a cabinet mounted trunnion system but the design of the trunnion is truly unique in that the trunnion and motor slide straight up and down instead of the traditional “swing” type of saw adjustment.

The Vertical Slide design allows for more robustness in the workings of the Stallions trunnion which carries the 1.5 hp motor. This saw is built strong enough to handle a larger motor but to do so would mean running the saw on 220 volt power.

If more power is wanted we have other Stallion table saws to suit your needs.
Another design feature of Stallion saws is the saw blade drive system. In traditional contractor/hybrid saws a single V belt is used to drive the power to the saw blade. More powerful cabinet saws would typically use two or three V-Belts. Stallion has designed their trunnion with a single multi rib flat drive belt to transfer the power of the motor to the blade. This belt runs cooler and lasts longer and can handle stronger loads than traditional V belts. The even distribution of pressure over the wider ribbed pulley provides a uniform load distribution, is smoother running, and has better tolerance to shock as well as greater stability, which results in longer belt life.
The cast iron table top features two 12” cast iron wings for a total dimension of 27” deep by 44” wide working area.

Customers can also add a home built wooden work table extension if a larger surface is wanted. For safety we not only include a very nice see through easy adjust blade guard, the Stallion also has a wrenchless quick release riving knife.
The riving knife is designed to help eliminate the chance of “kick back” by traveling up and down with the saw blade height and ensuring the work piece does not “pinch” the saw blade.
The robust hand wheels feature a very strong locking knob which when tightened hold the saw blade securely in its required position. This is very handy for dado and miter operations.
Another really nice feature is the ease of blade change. On most table saws the user either tries to use two saw wrenches in a very tight space or simply use a piece of scrap wood to “jam” the blade while they loosen the saw nut.

The Stallion CWI-T1002 has a built in arbor lock by simply using a finger to push a spring loaded pin into a hole in the arbor flange locking it in place while you release the saw nut with wrench.
The cast iron miter gauge supplied with the Stallion is a “T” slot guide rail which slides smoothly in the two ¾” x 3/8” “T” slots on the cast iron table.
Also a very nice push stick is standard with the Stallion for further safety when pushing smaller work pieces through the blade.

There are very handy storage mounts too for the miter gauge, push stick and saw fence on either sides of the cabinet for use when these items are not required for certain operations.

A really nice feature!
Dust collection on the Stallion table saw is uniquely designed where more attention has been placed to removal of saw dust. In the base of the saw cabinet is a traditional 4” dust connection port mounted to a clean out door. Sometimes woodworkers get a bit lazy when only making a cut or two and don’t bother to fire up the dust collector. The clean out door is removed with four small screws to allow users to dig out any leftover dust trapped within the saw.
When the dust collection is in use there is also a 2.5” hose which travels from the 4” connection port up to the enclosed saw blade cavity in the saw.

By encompassing the whole saw blade area in a confined space it makes easy work for the dust collector to pull the dust out before it simply flies around inside the cabinet.
Stallion Table Saws are truly in a class of their own, built with the attitude, grace, strength, performance and beauty you would expect….from a Stallion!

– 15 AMP 1.5 HP 115/220 Volt Motor (Wired 115 volt)
– 10” Dia x 5/8” Bore Saw Blade (not included)
– Left Tilting Saw Blade
– 4200 RPM
– 3 1/8” Cut (90) 2 1/4” Cut (45)
– Stallion Easy Adjust Fencing System for 30” Cut Right of Blade and 13” Cut Left of Blade
– Heavy Duty 41 3/8” x 3 7/8” Steel Fence w/Anodized – – Aluminum Sides
– Cast Iron “T-Slot” Miter Gauge
– Robust Cabinet Mounted Vertical Slide Trunnion System
– Quick Release See Through Blade Guard
– Quick Release Riving Knife
– Multi Ribbed Flat Drive Belt
– Storage Mounts for Fence, Miter Gauge and Stock Pusher
– Huge 27” x 44” Cast Iron Work Surface with 36” Working Height
– 4” Dust Inlet Diameter
– Enclosed Saw Blade Cavity w/2.5” Dust Hose Connection
– CSA Certification
– Optional 50” Fence System Available (CWI-T1002L)
– Lockable Safety Switch
– Floor Space 44” x 61” x 40”
– Shipping Dimensions (Saw 30” x 31” x 51”) (Rail 60” x 3.5” x 3”)
– 377 Pounds Shipping Weight (Two Pieces)
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