Stallion 14″ Floor Model Band Saw 1.75HP

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When we think of a Stallion words like strength, grace, aggression, unbridled and beauty come to mind. CWI Woodworking Technologies has developed Stallion Sawing Equipment with these attributes as part of its DNA.

A Stallion band saw will offer its owner a machine with impressive attributes that will allow him/her to tame any woodworking project with ease.
Product Details
The CWI-B1412 deluxe 14” Stallion band saw has some great built in features, with exceptional quality and performance for users looking for their band saw to have more abilities than a standard 14” band saw.

The CWI-B1412 Stallion deluxe saw is a heavy duty double welded steel frame floor model saw with a very strong 14 amp 1.75 HP motor and two cutting speeds.

Being a floor model versus more common saws in this machine category which usually feature bolt together stands, the full welded frame right to the floor provides more rigidity and strength for smoother performance.
This saw features cast iron 14” wheels with replaceable rubber tires, 16” x 20” cast iron table with 3/8” x ¾” miter guide slot, viewing window for easy blade tracking adjustment, lever actuated blade tension release mechanism and a 12” Resaw capacity under the ceramic blade guides.
The saw also features an LED light strip which turns on and off with the main power switch to constantly keep proper lighting conditions during use of the saw.
The Stallion GOLD anodized aluminum high performance dovetail blade guides are the newest and best in the industry.

The CWI-B1412 comes standard with ceramic blade guides with the option of ball bearing guides for fine small blade cutting operations.
Ceramic guides have been well proven to be the best support for most blade sizes and specifically for resaw work.

For ¼” and smaller blades users can opt for ball bearing guides. The beauty of these guides is the simple dovetail ways the guides ride on.

A simple 1/8” T wrench makes all the adjustments… twist of the wrench….move the guide…and re tighten.

The ceramics are also easily removed for service or replaced instead of being glued in like others on the market.
Another prominent feature a user will first notice is the Stallion fencing black anodized aluminum “T” style fencing system smoothly sliding on ball bearings along the easy adjust aluminum rails.

The fence can be used in its standard version or for resawing a 6” wood fence plate can easily be added.
Dust collection on the Stallion band saw is accomplished with 4” dust inlet at the base of the lower cabinet.
Stallion Band Saws are truly in a class of their own, built with the attitude, grace, strength, performance and beauty you would expect….from a Stallion!

– 14/7 AMP 1.75 HP 115/220 Volt Motor (Wired 115 volt)
– Blade Capacity is 1/8” – 3/4”
– Blade Length 111”
– Cast Iron 14” Dia Wheels
– Resaw Height of 12” under Blade Guides
– Stallion GOLD Anodized Dovetail Ceramic Blade Guides
– Optional Dual Ball Bearing Blade Guides
– Bright Light LED Viewing Strip
– Stallion Black Anodized Resaw Fence System
– Quick Release Blade tension
– Blade Tracking View Window
– Huge 16” x 20” Cast Iron Work Table with Miter Slot
– Table Tilt 5 degree left and 45 degree right
– Table Height 36.5”
– Robust Cast Iron Table Trunnion Bracket
– 4” Dust Inlet
– CSA Certification
– Floor Space 33” x 30” x 72”
– Shipping Size 18.5” x 22” x 73.5”
– Shipping Weight 253 lbs
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