ShapeFX Variable Speed 3HP Router/Shaper

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Introducing the most advanced router table system ever developed in an affordable, easy to operate machine, with huge advantages over any other router table on the market today. Over the last 30 years the work shop router table has gone through a continued range of advancements culminating to today, with the introduction of the ShapeFX Router/Shaper.
Product Details
Power and Performance:

The ShapeFX SH-250 Router/Shaper is equipped with a robust 3 HP Industrial Motor running on 220 Volt single phase power, controlled by an on board computer inverter to provide exceptional torque and speed.

The spindle assembly is housed with ceramic bearings to provide two speed ranges: 3500 – 8500 RPM for use with ¾” bore shaper cutters and 8000 – 18,500 RPM, to handle any router bit sizes with precision and the correct speed for perfect results.
Say goodbye to guesswork on what speed the motor is spinning with the electronic speed readout, simply rotate the speed control knob to ensure precise control over every operation.
The machine is provided with a ¾” shaper spindle as well as ½” and ¼” router bit spindles to handle any job required.

Whether you’re using 1/2″ Shank or 1/4″ Shank Router Bits or 3/4″ Bore Shaper Cutters, the CWI-SH250 effortlessly accommodates your preferred tooling, adapting to your workflow seamlessly.
The oversized 28″ x 30″ cast iron table allows placement of the cast iron fence assembly in different table positions for optimal performance with different sized work pieces.
Not only does the cast iron fence offer independently adjustable left and right side fences, it is complemented by side to side adjustable 4.5″ tall aluminum fence plates with replaceable end caps, when extra close cuts are needed.

A 4” dust inlet and a safety guard are also included with this exceptional fence system which also comes standard with Bow feather boards for extra safe feeding of materials.

This user friendly fence system provides proficient ease of use, and guaranteed stability and accuracy, for every cut.
Also included is a rub bolt that screws into the table to allow cutting of curved work pieces.
Another big feature included on the SH250 is a heavy duty cabinet stand with three doors to allow easy  access for changing speeds or storing cutting tools.

To easily change the speed range simply release the lock lever on the motor position and easily slide the serpentine belt to the pulley speed you are looking for.

Tighten back the tension and re-lock the lever. The doors are also insulated to keep sound levels down  and also offer storage racks for router bits.
Safety and Control:

Safety is paramount, which is why the ShapeFX SH250 Router/Shaper is equipped with essential features to protect both you and your workpiece. The Bow feather board hold downs keep your material secure, (an optional second pair is also recommended) while the swivel overhead control panel ensures ergonomic operation.

The control panel features a variable speed control knob with an electronic digital spindle speed read out, an electronic digital spindle height readout, forward and reverse rotation switch, on/off controls and an emergency stop button within easy reach. This easy to use overhead control panel allows you to have complete command over every aspect of your woodworking project.
Optional Enhancements:

Looking to streamline your workflow and improve the quality of your workmanship on your CWI-SH250? The oversized cast iron table is pre-drilled to accept mounting an optional power feed system, providing automated feed control for enhanced efficiency, improved cut and precision.

(Model CWI-F203V Shown)
Whether you’re crafting intricate joinery, shaping custom moldings, or creating flawless edges, the ShapeFX CWI-SH250 Variable Speed 3HP Router/Shaper
empowers you to bring your vision to life with unmatched precision and control.

Invest in quality, invest in the CWI-SH250, and elevate your woodworking experience to new heights.

– 3 HP Industrial Motor on 220 Volt Power
– Vari-Speed w. 2 Ranges 3500 – 8500 RPM & 8000 – 18,500 RPM
– Oversized 28″ x 30″ Cast Iron table with extension wing
– Electronic Speed Read Out
– Use with 1/2″ Shank or 1/4″ Shank Router Bits or 3/4″ Bore Shaper Cutters
– Cast Iron Fence Assembly
– Independently Adjustable 4.5″ Tall Aluminum Fences
– Bow Feather Board Hold Downs
– Swivel Overhead Control Panel
– Electronic Digital Spindle Height Read Out
– Emergency Stop Button
– Can Be Used with an Optional Power Feed System
– Shipping Dimensions: 48” x 40” x 40”
– Shipping Weight: 400lbs
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