Scorpion 24″ Extreme Heavy Duty Thickness Planer

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The Scorpion 24” CWI-P1524HC extreme heavy duty thickness planer by CWI Woodworking Technologies is a beast of a machine designed to offer better performance, features and quality than any other in its class.

This 2000lb cast iron machine is built for heavy industrial uses where high production and quality are the main focus of the user.
Product Details
The CWI-P1524HC operates with a massive 15 HP 220/3/60 main motor which drives a 4” diameter Stinger Carbide helical cutter head to machine lumber at up to 5/16” at each pass.

The cutter head has six rows of 15mm square four sided carbide knives for a total of 156 knives and 624 sharp edges.

When an edge of a knife gets dull or damaged simply remove the hold down screw and rotate the knife to a new edge. We find under normal wear and tear customer will get one to two years of performance from each edge of knife.

The whole top of the machine is hinged to easily lift up and out of the way to maintain knives or make adjustments to the rollers.
The other advantage of six rows of carbide knives is the quality of cut or knife cuts per inch. Tear out is virtually eliminated even in the most difficult grains or exotic woods.

Our Stinger Carbide helical cutter heads are renowned for ease of maintenance, quality of cut, and sound levels so pleasant you almost forget the machine is running. 
To feed the wood through the machine the Scorpion P1524HC has a two horse power feed motor with a variable speed inverter with digital readout. Simply dial in the speed you need for slow fine cuts or ramp it up to over 80 feet per minute for extremely high production work.

To handle this much production speed the Scorpion P1524HC planer has a dual sectional infeed roller system to ensure a very good grip and almost eliminate sniping issues. That’s right….two 3” diameter steel serrated sectional infeed rollers…not just one like most competitors.

For added safety anti kick back fingers are present in front of the feed rollers.
Sectional infeed rollers are a must for improvement of production times and very importantly for safety reasons. Each individual section of the infeed adjusts for slight different thicknesses of wood ensuring a firm grip on each piece of wood. This allows users to put multiple boards through the machine at a time.
Traditional solid steel or rubber infeed rollers will lift to the thickness of the thicker board allowing the danger of the thinner board to be ruined or worse…thrown right out of the machine. The outfeed roller on the CWI-P1524HC is solid machined smooth steel for years of heavy use…not rubber that needs to be repaired regularly.
The Scorpion precision ground cast iron table is 25” x 39” of surface area which is supported by machined cast iron guides on all four corners and moved with two precision 1.5” jack screws. On the surface of the table are two adjustable table rollers to help the feeding of rough lumber. A simple hand lever adjustment is made from the front of the machine to set the appropriate height of the rollers.
The table is operated by a push button control panel to electronically position the cast iron table to thickness boards from ¼” to 8” thick.

Simply enter the desired height in imperial or metric measurement or press the up/down buttons to reach your desired setting.

The digital read out will show feed speed as well as thickness settings.

For added safety there is an emergency stop button on the back of the machine as well.
The electrical control cabinet uses very high quality components which are CSA certified for use in schools and Canadian commercial operations.
The Scorpion CWI-P1524HC 24” thickness planer is a machine built to be a work horse in any commercial environment for years of high production needs.

– 15 HP Main Motor 220/3/60
– 2 HP Feed Motor w/inverter
– Variable Feed Speed up to 80ft per min
– Powered Table Elevation w/Digital Position Controller
– Digital Read Out in both Metric and Imperial
– Dual Sectional Infeed Rollers 3” dia
– Anti-Kick Back Fingers
– Stinger Six Row Carbide Helical Cutter Head 4” dia
– 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm carbide Knives (156 in Total)
– 25” x 39” Precision Ground Table
– Table Rollers 2 ½” dia
– Front Lever Table Roller Adjustment
– Thickness Capacity of ¼” to 8”
– Emergency Stop Button at Rear of Machine
– Dust Hood 6”
– Net Weight 2000 lbs
– Shipping Weight 2200 lbs
– CSA Certified
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