Scorpion 8″ Helical Parallelogram Jointer

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The Scorpion CWI-J275HC is our extreme duty, parallelogram design, 8″ helical jointer which offers amazing features and performance.

We also have the option of our cast iron dovetail design 8” helical jointer CWI-J225HC which still offers amazing performance but in a more cost friendly design than the CWI-J275HC.
Both models feature the same superior cutting performance of our Stinger 5 row carbide helical cutter head. The Stinger heavy duty 3 1/8” diameter cutter head has 40 four-sided convex edge carbide knives set on a shear angle. The 5 rows of knives provide more knife cuts per inch, better overlap of the knives for less knife marks in the wood and virtually zero tear out even on the most difficult to joint woods.
The Scorpion CWI-J275HC parallelogram 8” jointer has been designed to be the best performing 8” jointer available today. It offers more standard features and more performance than any other in its class. Specifically designed for demanding environments like educational, or industrial customers this model provides big performance and exceptional quality.
The J275HC comes with a huge heavy duty enclosed welded steel stand with a 4″ diameter dust inlet to help move high amounts of wood chips. We are really pleased to also include our lever style mobility kit, making moving the machine around the work shop a simple task. The massive 83” x 8” machined cast iron bed is one of the longest in the industry and is easily adjustable for flatness by the very accurate, easy to adjust parallelogram tables. The parallelogram table adjustment keeps the tables at optimum distance and support to the cutter head. When using a jointer, having the longest table length possible is preferred to help when machining longer boards, to give more work piece support and less chance of “cupping” or curving the long boards.
Truly unique on this Scorpion jointer is the front facing hand wheels for the adjustment of both infeed and outfeed tables. This user-friendly feature allows for precise changes of table heights with simplicity and greater accuracy. To also assist with height changes the J275HC comes with an electronic digital read out which can read in metric or imperial measurements at the push of a button. The J275HC has a very powerful 3 HP (15 amp on 220 volt) single phase motor and a magnetic safety switch with overload and under voltage protection. Included on the electrical panel, along with the digital height read out, is the push button on/off switch as well as a mushroom style safety emergency disconnect switch.
The robust cast iron machined fence is almost 4 5/8” tall and 38” long for excellent work piece support as it travels the length of the jointer bed. The fence has set stops at 90 degrees and 45 degrees and as well can be set anywhere in between for angle work. The fence easily slides in and out on the table with simple controls utilizing a rack and pinion style handwheel adjustment. Also unique to the J275HC is the Euro style cutter head guard which is safer and easier to use than the old “pork chop” style spring loaded guards.
This Scorpion jointer is sure to be a fantastic addition to your workshop.
– Heavy Duty Stinger 3 1/8″ Dia. Carbide Helical Cutter Head
– Number of Carbide knives 40
– Knife Size 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm
– Cutter head speed 5500 rpm
– Parallelogram Table
– Easy Adjust Front Facing Hand wheels
– Heavy-Duty Cast-Iron Fence Assembly
– Fence stops at 90 and 45 degrees
– Electronic Digital Table Height
– Euro Style Cutterhead Guard
– Table size 8″ x 83″
– Table height 31.5″
– Maximum cutting width 8″
– Maximum cutting depth 1/8″
– Cast Iron Fence size 4 5/8″ x 38″
– Motor 3 HP, 230V, 15 Amp
– Emergency Mushroom Stop Button
– Magnetic Safety Switch w/Overload Protection
– Separate On/Off Buttons
– Included Mobility Kit
– Dust Collection Chute with 4” Port
– Floor Space 83″ x 36″ x 36”
– Net Weight 539 lbs
– Shipping Size (2 PCS) 86″ x 25″ x 17″ (185 kg) 30.5” x 18” x 25” (100 kg)
– Shipping Weight 627 lbs (285 kg)