Scorpion 16″ Helical Jointer

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Scorpion jointers, thickness planers and combination machines are built by CWI Woodworking Technologies to be best in class machinery with the features, performance and quality that serious woodworkers are looking for whether in the hobby, educational or industrial woodworking industries.

You will find our machines to have more cast iron, better cutters, easier adjustments, longer tables and superior quality to all competitors.
Product Details
The Scorpion CWI-J400HC is an extremely heavy built 16” wide long bed jointer for demanding educational or industrial customers looking for big performance and exceptional quality.
The J400 comes with a huge heavy duty cast iron base and a massive 97.5” x 16” machined cast iron bed which is one of the longest in the industry and is easily adjustable for flatness by the very accurate easy to adjust parallelogram tables.

The parallelogram table adjustment keeps the tables at optimum distance and support to the cutter head. When using a jointer, having the longest table length possible is preferred to help when machining longer boards to give more work piece support and less chance of “cupping” or curving the long boards.
Other than the table length one of the most impressive features of the Scorpion jointers is the front facing hand wheels for the adjustment of the table heights on both infeed and outfeed tables.

Most jointers use hand wheels or levers located underneath the tables which can be awkward to reach or difficult to adjust. The Scorpion hand wheels are easily reached at the front of the machine and allow for precise adjustments of the bed heights.
The Scorpion CWI-J400HC is a very heavy duty industrial machine capable of any task a user will need in their jointer.

– Stinger 8 row Carbide helical Cutter Head 
– Knife Size 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm (Total of 128 Knives)
– Parallelogram Cast Iron Table and Cutting Height Adjustment
– Easy Adjust Front Facing Hand wheels
– Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fence Assembly
– Rack & Pinion Fence Width Adjustment
– Table size 16″ x 97.5″
– Table height 31.5″
– Maximum cutting width 16″
– Maximum cutting depth 3/4″
– Motor 5 HP, 230V 1-Phase or 7.5 HP 3-Phase (CWI-J400HC-M2)
– Above Table On/Off Switch Control with Power On Light
– Magnetic Safety Switch w/Overload Protection
– Cutter head speed 5000 rpm
– Euro Style Swing Away Guard
– Heavy Cast Iron Base
– Floor Space 97.5″ x 45″ x 42”
– Net Weight 1254 lbs
– Shipping Crate Size 106″ x 35.5″ x 40″ (2700mm x 900mm x 1020mm)
– Shipping Weight 1386 lbs (630 kg)
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