SandX 38″ x 75″ Deluxe Wide Belt Sander

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This heavy duty SandX 38″ x 75″ single head wide belt sander offers more features and performance than any other sander in its class. A true step above for any woodworking shop looking for a small good quality wide belt sander. SandX Abrasive machines are built to very high standards for woodworkers needing exceptional performance but still at reasonable value.
Product Details
The CWI-WBS3875-S1-M2 is an amazing machine with a strong 20 HP 220 volt three phase sanding motor powering the combination finishing head with 2″ platen for excellent abrasive finishing of woodworking projects.

Of special note on this machine is the 75” sanding belt length as only the real heavy duty sanders use 75” length.
The extra length accomplishes two things. First the extra length means the belts will run cooler as they have more time for the belt surface to rotate. Second the frame and structure of the machine are built much heavier to support the larger belt meaning a far better built machine. The shorter belt length machines are simply built to save costs…. not for performance!
Tracking trueness of the abrasive sanding belt is done electronically for constant “maintenance free” usage of the belt tracking mechanism.

Many competitive machines use pneumatic abrasive belt tracking components which require constant maintenance of diaphragms, pumps and air lines which deteriorate over a period of time.

The SandX wide belt sander uses an electronic eye system with micro switches to activate the oscillation of the sanding head to keep the sanding belts tracking properly on the machine.
One of the exclusive features on the SandX wide belt sander is the abrasive belt cleaning devise on the sanding head.

This air jet cleaning feature ensures better sanding belt life whether you are using cloth or paper belts by blowing dust free from the belts abrasive surface while at the same time keeping the belt at a cool temperature to ensure less break down of the sanding material.
Also a very important feature is the electronic work piece measuring device.

Simply set your work piece on the measurement platform and the machine will automatically raise to the height for the appropriate level for sanding that work piece.

No need for calipers or tape measures. The table rise/fall motor is a 1/2 HP motor which can also be operated manually with push buttons to set the desired height with a digital controller and height read out.

Measurements can be set in either metric or imperial measurement.
SandX wide belt sanders also offer electronic limit switches, safety shut down bar and fast acting disc brakes.

The machine will automatically stop if you experience a sanding belt breakage.
The variable speed rubber conveyer belt travels at 13-65 feet per minute by a very strong 2 HP feed motor and is controlled by an easy adjust automatic tracking device.

The conveyer table is supported by very heavy duty jack screws for years of trouble free table adjustment and trueness.
SandX wide belt sanders are built with an abundance of quality features to ensure years of exceeding performance at a very affordable price.

– M2- 20 HP 220/3/60 Electrics
– Combination Finishing head with 120mm dia Drum at 70 Durometer with 2″ platen
– 1/2 HP Power Rise and Fall Table
– Automatic Tracking of Conveyer Belt
– 2 HP Conveyer Belt Feed Motor with Variable Speeds of 13′ – 65′ / minute
– Photoelectric Sanding Belt Tracking and Oscillation
– Wrenchless Adjustment of Sanding Belt Tracking
– Automatic Disc Brakes in case of belt breakage
– Safety Emergency Push Stop Bar at front of machine
– Centralized Control Panel with Amp Meter
– Electronic Automatic Digital Height Controller (metric or imperial)
– Electronic Digital Work Piece Thickness Measurement
– Air Jet Belt Cleaning and Cooling
– Four Pressure Rollers to ensure proper work support
– Sanding Belt Size 38″ x 75″
– Sanding Working Width 37.5”
– Maximum Working Height of 6.25″
– Dual 4”  Dust outlets
– Required Air Pressure .6MPa
– Air Consumption 12m3/h
– Required Dust Collection 2000CFM
– Machine Weight of 3750 LBS
– Dimensions 66” x 65” x 76”
– CSA Certified
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