Roi Hot Glue 3mm Edgebanding Workstation

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This incredible bench top Edgebanding Workstation includes the Roi 3mm Hand Held Gluepot Edgebander and a specially designed Work Table with Tape Dispenser, making this the perfect bench top gluepot edgebander with exceptional value for professional or DIY woodworkers. The Roi edgebander can be used free hand for large projects working on straight or curved edges or installed in the workstation table for smaller projects and cut panels.
Product Details
Experience seamless operation with adjustable tape thickness, ranging from 0.4mm to 3mm, a hassle-free entrance feeding guide that ensures swift tape width measurement, and a glue adjustment knob, strategically positioned atop the machine, which eliminates interference during operation, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted workflow.
Enjoy flawless glue application with the CWI-EB3HH, eliminating the need for double adhesive for superior results. The Corner Guiding Plate enables precise edging around corners, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship with minimal effort.
A variable speed adjustment control is mounted to the top of the handle for enhanced operational efficiency.
Whether working on straight or curved panels, enjoy custom alignment for seamless edging every time. The CWI-EB3HH features a digital display which offers variable speed control and temperature control for precise adjustments and optimal performance.
The CWI-EB3HH includes a Vacuum Clamp Set, which ensures a fast and secure grip when edgebanding larger panels, avoiding scratches & damage to the panel’s surface.
The inclusion of a Dual End Tape Cutter adds convenience and efficiency in cutting the tapes to length. A unique two-point support design ensures perfectly connected and aligned cuts.
 The work table includes an embedded outlet and magnetic safety stop switch to provide convenient on/off functionality for the edgebander during operation.
The CWI-EBHH-T  work table also includes a Tape Dispenser attachment with adjustable wheel positioning for the edgeband tape roll.
Experience precision, efficiency, and convenience with the Roi Hand Held Hot Glue 3mm Edgebander. The ultimate portable edgebander for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Edgebander Specifications:

– Net Weight: 8.8 kgs
– Net Weight: 8.8 kgs
– Machine Size: 34cm x 30cm x 35cm
– Output Power with Motor: 855 W
– Glue Pot Capacity: 400 ml
– Warm-up Time: 4 mins (120°C / 250°F)
– Working Temperature: 120°C – 200°C (250°F – 390°F)
– Feeding Speed: 2 – 6 M/min. (6.5 – 20 Ft/min)
– Tape Thickness: 0.4 – 3 mm
– Tape Width: 10 – 65 mm
– Temperature Control
– Digital Display & Controls
– Variable Speed Control
– Shipping Dimensions: 19″ x 27″ x 16″
– Shipping Weight: 60lbs

Worktable Specifications:

– Embedded outlet and magnetic safety switch
– Tape Dispenser Included
– Vacuum Clamps Included
– Surface Size: 31.5″ x 17″
– Shipping Dimensions: 33″ x 18″ x 9″
– Shipping Weight: 25.6kgs / 56.5lbs
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