DustFX Max 5000 Industrial Dust Collection System

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The QuietAir Max 5000 is manufactured by DustFX in Italy to be the highest quality, best performing Industrial Dust Collection System available today.

It features a very efficiently designed heavy steel impeller, special blower housing, high performance filter media and advanced electrical system for extreme woodworking dust collection performance.
Product Details
Our special impeller design combined with a 3600 RPM 15 hp three phase motor creates a very high volume of air movement at 5000 CFM with 15” of static pressure.

But at the same time we are able to keep an unbelievable low noise level of 82db for the quietest of workshops.
There are 60 stainless steel reinforced polyester dust sleeves providing 800 square feet of filtering surface area.

This extra capacity filtering surface combined with the quality of our dust sleeves allows very efficient movement of air.
To aid in efficiency we have a built in electric shaker system with dual motors to clean the bags. The motors are activated each time the main power to the collector is turned off or manually by the switch on the electrical panel.

The blower unit can be mounted at either end of the bag house to allow ease of pipe installation placement in any workshop.
The Max series can optionally be completely enclosed in galvanized steel for use in outdoor applications. This option would include galvanized steel dust collection drums.
The QueitAir Max 5000 dust collection system is the ideal shop solution to provide superior dust collection performance at a very low noise level and simple maintenance.

– 5000 CFM @ 15” Static Pressure
– 15 HP 220/3/60 3600 RPM Motor
– CSA Certification
– Very Quiet 82db Operation Sound level
– Heavy Steel Impeller System
– Auto Start Dual Electric Shaker Dust Bag Cleaning
– Stainless Steel Reinforced Polyester Filter Sleeves
– 800 Square Feet of Filtering Surface
– 60 Dust Sleeves 8” dia x 78” long
– Blower Mounts on Left or Right Side of Machine
– 14” Dust Inlet (360mm)
– 180”L x 48”W x 155”H (Assembled Including Blower)
– Shipping Weight 995 LBS (Optional Steel Drums Extra 40 lbs ea)

– 50 gallon steel “collector bins” on wheels with easy to dump handles and a window so users know when dumping is needed.

– Max series is also available for outdoor installation with fully enclosed galvanized steel panels as well as a full
Atex version for Fire Prevention and Safety

– Max series models available in 5 hp to 20 hp /3000-8000 CFM
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