Bullett 21 Spindle Pneumatic Drilling Machine

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Bullett drilling machinery are built by CWI Woodworking Technologies to be best in class machinery with the features, performance and quality that serious users are looking for whether in hobby, educational or commercial industries. CWI has developed an incredible line up of drill presses, line boring and construction boring machinery as well as some very nice bench top and floor model mortising machines.
Product Details
The Bullett CWI-LBM21 is a very heavy duty big brother to our LBM15 pneumatically operated line boring machine which will automate your line drilling operations for high production purposes.

The LBM21 has a total of 21 spindles based on a 32mm point to point separation which accept 10mm shank drill bits.

There are 11 right hand rotation spindles and 10 left hand rotation.

The steel gear head uses high carbon anti-friction steel slide shafts with linear bearings and utilizes a full 3” of drilling stroke.
The drilling stroke is controlled pneumatically with a foot pedal operation and can be adjusted for speed of drill depth.

The LBM21 uses a totally enclosed fan cooled (T.E.F.C) industrial 2 HP 10 amp motor operating on 220 volt to drive the gear head.
The Bullett CWI-LBM21 also has some great conveniences too like a long back fence with two flip stops for repeatable hole drilling as well as indexing pins to help align a new set of holes for extra-long work.
The fence can be adjusted up to 8” of depth from the drill head for excellent reach in the work piece. There is also a drill head digital read out for accurate depth settings as well as a large see through guard to keep fingers out of harm’s way as well as a spring loaded work hold system. A very good safety feature for educational and industrial users.
Bullett drilling machinery is built with heavy construction for continuous use but also with safety and performance features that are sure to satisfy any educational or commercial needs.

– Drilling Spindles 21 (11 right/10 left)
– 32mm between centers
– 3” Pneumatically Operated Drilling Stroke with Foot Pedal
– Safety Drilling Guard
– Motor 2 HP 20/10 Amp 110/220 Volt (Wired 220 Volt)
– Magnetic Safety On/Off Switch
– Adjustable Wooden Table 15.75” x 43.25”
– Up To 8” Drill Reach from Back Fence
– Fence Length 74.75”
– Digital read Out for Down Stroke
– Adjustable Drilling Depth Speed
– Steel Gear Head
– Two Flip Stops
– Indexing Pins for Repeatable and Extended Drilling
– Spring Loaded Work Hold System
– Floor Space 75″ x 28.5″ x 58.5”
– Shipping Size 42” x 28.5” x 66”
– Shipping Weight 568 lbs (258 kg)
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