Bullett 17″ Drill Press with Variable Speed DC Motor

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Bullett drilling machinery are built by CWI Woodworking Technologies to be best in class machinery with the features, performance and quality that serious users are looking for whether in hobby, educational or commercial industries. CWI has developed an incredible line up of drill presses, line boring and construction boring machinery as well as some very nice bench top and floor model mortising machines.
Product Details
What makes the Bullett CWI-DP225DC extremely unique is the DC powered industrial 1/2 HP 8 amp 110 volt motor. Don’t let the size of the motor fool you as this motor has tons of torque. Especially at low speeds where there seems to be no end to the power this machine has in the cut.

To change the speed ranges simply lift the safety hood, release the lock lever, release the tension and raise or lower the belt to the second set of pulley grooves. Then re-apply belt tension and lock into place. The safety hood is protected by an electronic micro safety switch which will not allow the drill press to operate while open. So there is no danger of the machine running while the operator is changing speeds.

Teachers and students alike will love how easy it is to change the speeds on this machine compared to a traditional 12-16 speed drill press.
Included as standard equipment is a magnetic line interrupter safety switch which is excellent for educational settings or anywhere safety is a big concern in that it will not allow the machine to automatically re-start if the power is lost or disconnected. The switch cannot re-engage without being activated by the operator.

Also part of the electronics is an emergency mushroom style stop switch for quick stops.
Another exclusive safety feature of this machine is the swing away drilling guard with an electrical interlock to protect the operator.

When the guard is out of position while changing tooling the machine cannot be activated until the large clear guard is rotated back into its safety position.

It is easily adjusted for operational height with a simple lock knob and long guard shaft. A very good safety feature for educational and industrial users.
The JT3 5/8” steel chuck mounts with a #2 Morse taper snug fit into the heavy duty quill assembly.

The CWI-DP225DC is perfect for most drilling operations in a wood or metal working shop and weighs in at just over 200 pounds of cast iron and steel.

It features a very large 12” x 12” square cast iron table which rotates and tilts to 45 degrees in both left and right hand rotations.

The table operates with a hand crank on a rack and pinion height adjustment on the column for easy table height changes and locks firm to the column with a lever at the rear of the cast iron table housing.

There are a number of mounting holes for jigs and fixturing in the table for both woodworking and metal working projects.
The Bullett CWI-DP225DC also has some great conveniences too like an LED adjustable goose neck work light  and a battery operated laser attachment for precise aligning of the drill bit to the workpiece starting hole.  The drill chuck has a drilling depth stroke of 3 3/8” and uses a very solid positive depth stop mechanism that is very easy and accurate to work with.
Bullett drill presses are built with heavy construction for continuous use but also with safety and performance features that are sure to satisfy any hobby, educational or commercial needs.

– Drilling Capacity 17” (8 1/2” to center of Chuck)
– Morse Taper #2
– JT3 Steel Precision 5/8” Capacity Chuck
– Motor Variable Speed DC 1/2 HP 110 Volt 8 Amp
– Full Torque at All Speeds
– Extremely Smooth Operation
– Electronic Digital Speed Indicator
– Magnetic line Interrupter Safety On/Off Switch
– Emergency Stop Button
– Swing -Away Electrically Interlocked Safety Guard
– Electrically Interlocked Machine Hood
– Simple Dial Control for Speed Adjustments
– Easy Single Lever Speed Range Changes
– Drilling Speeds Variable (270 RPM -2300 RPM)
– Cast Iron Table 12” x 12”
– Table Tilts up to 45 Degrees both left and right
– Max Distance Chuck to Table 22.5”
– Max Distance Chuck to Base 44.5”
– Drilling Stroke 3 3/8”
– Built-in Adjustable LED Work Lamp
– Battery Operated Laser Drill Centering Devise
– Cast Iron Pulleys Reduce Vibration
– Heavy Duty Depth Stop System
– Cast Iron Base 12.5” x 19.5”
– Floor Space  22″ x 14″ x 73”
– Shipping Size 21” x 54.5” x 10.5”
– Shipping Weight 209 lbs (95 kg)
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