The Scorpion CWI-J200HC is exactly the same machine as the CWI-J200 except we have added the superior cutting performance of the Stinger 5 row carbide helical cutter head. The Stinger head has 40 four sided convex edge carbide knives set on a shear angle. The 5 rows of knives provide more knife cuts per inch, better overlap of the knives for less knife marks in the wood and virtually zero tear out even on the most difficult to joint woods.

The Scorpion CWI-J200HC is one of the best built 8” width long bed jointers available today for the demanding hobby user or the educational or industrial customer looking for big performance. The J200HC comes with a heavy duty flared enclosed welded steel stand with storage compartment for a very stable footprint to hold the massive table. The 75.5” x 9.25” machined cast iron bed is one of the longest in the industry and is easily adjustable for flatness by the machined dovetail ways and locking adjustment screws. When using a jointer, having the longest table length possible is preferred to help when machining longer boards to give more work piece support and less chance of “cupping” or curving the long boards.

Other than the table length one of the most impressive features of the Scorpion jointers is the front facing hand wheels for the adjustment of the table heights on both infeed and outfeed tables. Most jointers use hand wheels or levers located underneath the tables which can be awkward to reach or difficult to adjust. The Scorpion hand wheels are easily reached at the front of the machine and allow for precise adjustments of the bed heights. There is also a set stop at 1/8” depth of cut but simply pull the stop pin to adjust the table height for up to ½” of cut. The outfeed table height is also adjustable for ensuring correct knife height to the table surface.

The robust cast iron machined fence is 4” tall and an amazing 38” long for excellent work piece support as it travels the length of the jointer bed. The fence has set stops at 135 degrees, 90 degrees and 45 degrees and as well can be set anywhere in between for angle work. It is supported by a massive cast iron fence mechanism which utilizes a large hand wheel and very smooth rack & pinion movements to easily allow accurate and simple adjustments for width of cut. The J200HC has a powerful 2 HP (12 amp on 220 volt) motor and a magnetic safety switch with overload and under voltage protection. The steel cutter head is a dynamically balanced 3 1/8” diameter with 40- 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mmcarbide knives running at 5500 rpm. The heavy gauge welded steel stand provides excellent support and features a dust chute with 4” dust port for hook up to dust collection. Also included are two work piece safety push pads which can easily be stored on the outside of the stand in their holding clips.

The Scorpion CWI-J200HC is also available with our standard 3 knife HSS head.


  • Stinger 5 Row Carbide Helical Cutter head
  • Easy Adjust Front Facing Hand wheels
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fence Assembly
  • Fence stops at 135, 90 and 45 degrees
  • Rack & Pinion Fence Width Adjustment
  • Table size 9 1/4″ x 75.5″
  • Table height 32″
  • Maximum cutting width 8″
  • Maximum cutting depth 1/2″
  • Rabbeting capacity 1/2″
  • Cast Iron Fence size 4″ x 38″
  • Motor 2 HP, 230V, 12 Amp
  • Magnetic Safety Switch w/Overload Protection
  • Safety Push Blocks (2)
  • Cutter head speed 5500 rpm
  • Number of Carbide knives 40
  • Knife Size 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm
  • Flared Welded Steel Stand with Storage
  • Dust Collection Chute with 4” Port
  • Floor Space 75.5″ x 26″ x 37”
  • Shipping Size (2 PCS) 80″ x 25″ x 17″ (148 kg) 30.5” x 18” x 25” (61 kg)
  • Shipping Weight 460 lbs (209 kg)
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$ 4249.95 US
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