DustFX 4″ Polyurathane Dust Hose


The DustFX CWI-H4-PU Polyurethane hose is a 4” x 50’ roll for bulk needs of dust collection around the woodworking shop. The 4” diameter flexible hose is a standard size for most basic woodworking machinery and will allow good flexibility in machinery placement and movement in your shop. The 4” hose is also available in precut 10’ and 20’ lengths.

DustFX polyurethane dust collection hose from CWI Woodworking Technologies is the most advanced hose available for woodworking applications today. DustFX hose is exceptional quality, designed for the ultimate in flexibility and function. Fantastic for use with standard portable dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors and commercial collectors. This hose is extremely pliable and flexible yet is extremely strong against abrasion making it perfect for applications with a lot of movement or when the user just wants hose which will stand the test of time.
The hose is see through so to easily remedy any clogs, and has a smooth inner wall for optimized flow of air and dust. It functions in -40 to +90 degrees Celsius and is capable of electrostatic discharge because of the steel wire reinforcing which runs the length of the hose.

To prove the puncture resistance of our DustFX polyurethane hose we will quite often take a standard ballpoint pen and ask a customer to puncture the hose with it. We have yet to see it puncture meaning the hose will withstand wood splinters and other sharp objects that from time to time may find their way through a woodworkers dust collection. Another test we perform quite often to prove the flexibility of the DusFX hose is to step on the hose to see it immediately spring back to its original shape.

DustFX Polyurethane dust collection hose is surely to be a great investment for your woodworking shop.

Shipping Size: 27” x 27” x 9”
Shipping Weight: 21 lbs

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$ 5.95 US
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DustFX 4 Polyurathane Dust Hose