SandX produces a full range of sanding equipment for commercial shops and educational needs. All of the SandX sanders are built with class leading features and high performance components woodworkers would expect from a high quality manufacturer.

The CWI-S6089 is a unique multi-use machine designed to be an edgesander, curve sander and a flat sander. It utilizes a 6” x 89” sanding belt running on its edge to perform edge cleaning, squaring, smoothing operations on drawers, doors, boxes, and of course any edges the user wishes to sand. The sanding belt can also be rotated over from vertical to lying flat and any angle in between for sanding jobs with special requirements.

The CWI-S6089 offers a 1.5 HP 110/1/60 18 amp motor (9 amp 220/1/60) and a magnetic safety switch for overload and under voltage protection. The magnetic switch is a very important upgrade over similar sanders for use in educational or industrial settings. The sanding belt runs cooler because of a graphite backing supplied along the 33” platen underneath it. The cast iron work table adjusts up and down by loosening two knobs and manually lifting the work table to the height needed for the work piece or to utilize the full width of the 6” sanding belt. It can lay horizontal along the sanding belt or raised on an angle. This way the entire 6” belt gets used instead of always machining in the same position reducing sanding belt life. A miter gauge is also supplied for angled end sanding.

To rotate the sanding belt to a specific angle or to lay it flat a simple locking lever is loosened and then retightened once the sanding belt is in the desired position. When operating in the flat position an auxiliary fence is provided which mounts to the work table allowing better control of the work piece. Also included with the machine is a cast iron 10” x 11.5” cast iron sanding table which can mount on one end of the sander to allow users to use the 4” diameter sanding pulley to sand curves.

The frame of the machine is a solid steel welded stand. For adequate dust collection the SandX edge sander requires 400 CFM utilizing the 4” hose connection port on the steel hood of the machine. The hood is hinged for easy access to the sanding belt for replacement of abrasives.

The SandX CWI-S6089 edge sander is an excellent all-purpose machine providing features and performance woodworkers will truly appreciate.


  • 6” x 89” Sanding Belt
  • 33” x 6” Graphite Covered Steel Platen
  • Adjustable Height 10” x 11.5” Cast Iron End mounted Sanding Table for Curve Sanding
  • Adjustable Height 10” x 29.5” Cast Iron Work Table
  • Tilting Sanding Belt for Angle and Flat Sanding
  • Miter Gauge for Angled End sanding
  • Auxiliary Fence for Flat Sanding
  • Accurate Belt Tension and tracking Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Stand
  • 1.5 HP 110/1/60 Motor 18 Amp (9 Amp 220/1/60)
  • Magnetic Safety Switch
  • Floor Space 50” x 21” x 49”
  • Shipping Dimensions (26.5” x 49” x 20”)
  • Shipping Weight 264 LBS
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$ 1069.95 US
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SandX 6 x 89 Edge Sander