SandX produces a full range of drum sanders from 13” -38” in width in either single or dual sanding heads. All SandX drum sanders are built with exceptional features and performance standards so users can expect outstanding sanding results.

The CWI-S2501is a 26” wide single drum sander which utilizes a 5” diameter x 26” machined aluminum sanding head which incorporates very simple spring loaded sandpaper clips at each end of the drum. The head spins at 1800 RPM. For changing abrasives simply cut a 4” wide strip of heavy backed cloth abrasive to length based on the original pattern strip….clip the sanding strip into the spring loaded abrasive holder….wrap the abrasive the full length of the drum and finish by pulling the spring loaded clip…attach the other end of the cloth strip and release for tightness. It is really that simple! Sanding cloth is sold separately in 25 yard/meter rolls and available in grits from 36 Grit to 220 Grit.

The CWI-S2501 offers a very strong 3 HP 220/1/60 15 amp motor for excellent sanding performance as well as a variable speed rubber conveyer belt for a very solid grip of the work piece. The 26” industrial style rubber conveyer belt runs over a reinforced welded steel table for strength and flatness and is easily adjusted for tracking by two adjustment bolts at the front end of the table. There is a simple speed control knob on the front of the machine to control the speed of the belt from 3’ to 20’/min. For added safety and performance a dust tight magnetic safety switch is standard equipment. Perfect for school use.This SandX drum sander really stands out against its competition who quite often use light duty sandpaper feed belts running over stamped steel or wooden tables. The SandX rubber feed belt is the same material used on large industrial wide belt sanders. The adjustable table height will accommodate work pieces from 1/4” thick to a massive 12” thick. A minimum stock length of 7” is required unless the operator butt feeds the work piece. The work piece is held down to the feed belt by two spring loaded steel hold down rollers as it feeds through the machines sanding head.
The frame of the machine is a cast iron and solid steel welded frame right down to the floor. The conveyer feed table is adjusted up and down by a chromed gear crank handle connected to an oversized rack and pinion ball screw system at each side of the table. The welded steel table is bolted to two massive cast iron trunions which travel up and down two 3” diameter steel vertical posts to ensure extreme accuracy and durability. The rack and pinion adjustment make easy adjustment of the table heights.
For adequate dust collection the SandX drum sander requires 1200 CFM utilizing the dual 4” hose connection ports on the steel hood of the machine. The hood is hinged for easy access to the sanding drum for replacement of abrasives and adjustments of the rollers.

The SandX CWI-S2501 drum sander is truly a class above its competition in providing features and performance woodworkers will truly appreciate.



  • 26” Sanding Width Capacity
  • 5” x 26” Machined Aluminum Sanding Head (4” Wide Abrasives)
  • Spring Loaded Abrasive Strip Clips
  • Industrial Quality Rubber Feed Belt
  • 1/4” to 12” Sanding Height
  • 7” Minimum Work Piece Length
  • Welded Steel Sanding Table
  • Easy Adjust Conveyer Tracking
  • Variable Speed Conveyer 3’-20’/Min
  • 3 HP 220/1/60 15 Amp Main Motor
  • Rack and pinion Ball Screw Table Height Adjustment
  • Cast Iron Table Trunions on two 3” Steel support Columns for Strength
  • Floor Space 45” x 31” x 54”
  • Shipping Dimensions (48” x 32.5” x 51”)
  • Shipping Weight 561 LBS
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$ 2149.95 US
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SandX 26 Drum Sander