CNC2008P Prodigy CNC


The “Prodigy” series of CNC engraving machines are the newest and most advanced bench top routers available today. Offering better performance, quality, motors, features and accessories, the Prodigy machines are truly the class of bench top CNC !

The Prodigy 2008P is a very unique 3-axis bench top CNC engraver in that in works in the round, similar to a woodworking lathe. Simply an amazing machine for pens, spindles, vases, candle holders, duck calls and anything else you could imagine that would fit in its 8” diameter by 20” long working area.

These small sized yet heavy duty CNC are built using the best in materials like a heavy duty frame cast in thick aluminum, for rigidity and accuracy. The heavy duty gantry, also cast in thick aluminum, is then rigid mounted to the base frame to further strengthen the machine for even more accuracy. For the router spindle we use a 300 watt DC power 20,000 rpm variable speed motor which comes with 4mm, 1/8” and 1/4” ER11 collet chucks. The Prodigy has more continuous power (more torque), is a fraction of the noise level or AC router motors and is designed for a continuous duty cycle always at full power in all speed ranges. The machine runs at 36.9 decibels and up to 66 decibels in the cut. These machines are so quiet they could be used in a library!

An led light is included for better viewing of the work area and an emergency stop button is standard for safety. This little machine can cut at up to 2500mm per minute (100”) in many materials like wood, plastics and aluminum. Prodigy EDIT operating software and cnc control system are included with the machine as a standard feature. This is a basic software allowing users to produce simple projects like signs signatures. There are other aftermarket software also available for more intricate work.  The EDIT controller is very simple and has the look of a popular gaming machine controller and plugs into the USB port of the computer operating the CNC. The Prodigy operates on 110 volt power on a standard 15 amp circuit breaker drawing 7.0 amps The Prodigy ships to our customers in a fully foam protected box measuring 34.5” x 15” x 27” and weighs in at 162 pounds. Also included with the machine is a full sound/safety enclosure, laser lens window, three collets, two carbide router bits, hold down clamps and an operator’s manual.


In addition to cutting with the 300 watt DC spindle, users can also purchase an optional 3 watt laser for burning artwork, pictures/signs or custom identifying of projects. An optional engraving head is also available for work in metals like stainless steel plates on trophies/plaques or even identifying personal or shop tools. A dust collection kit can be purchased for keeping the work area clean while cutting, or for removing the smoke when using the laser attachment.

If benchtop space in your shop is at a premium, we can also supply an optional heavy duty steel stand which offers a tool drawer for storage as well as a large shelf for a computer to sit for operating the machine. The prodigy CNC machines are truly amazing and simple to use, where ones imagination is the only limitation.



  • Working Area: 200mm x 500mm
  • 300 Watt DC Power Router Spindle
  • ER11 Precision Router Bit Collets
  • 1/8”, ¼” and 4mm Collets included with machine
  • T-Slot Aluminum Table
  • Prodigy EDIT Controller
  • Prodigy EDIT Software
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Stepper Drive Motors
  • Precision Ball Screw Z, X&Y Axis
  • Maximum Working Speed 2500mm /min (100”)
  • THK Linear rail
  • CSA Power Supply, Switch and Contactor
  • 1PH 110V 60HZ
  • Shipping Styrofoam Box 27″ x 17″ x 29″
  • 177 Lbs


  • Heavy Duty Steel Stand
  • Dust Collection Kit
  • Laser Attachment 3 Watts
  • Stainless Steel Engraver Head
  • Tooling


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$ 5199.95 US
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