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The Basic Series of floor model CNC are designed by CWI to be the next step up from our Professor series of bench top CNC routers. The Basic series of CNC routers are going through a major change in 2022 for looks, robustness, features and the ultimate in performance.

The new Basic M4.4 is designed by CWI  for hobby, professional, sign makers, prototyping and educational users. The Basic M4.4 also has new sisters with even more performance and features including new space saving electrical controls cabinets, vacuum table options, fourth axis rotary options as well as automatic tool change options. All Basic series of CNC routers start with a heavy duty welded steel floor model frame. The black anodized aluminum table is then mounted to the steel frame for an excellent working surface with plenty of options for the use of hold down jigs. Under the frame are four heavy-duty 5” diameter adjustable feet for solid footing on the shop floor.  The adjustable gantry is a full 1” thick-machined aluminum frame (including the support arms and cross members), which rides on accurate THK linear guide ways. The gantry of the new basic series all travel on ultra precise rack and pinion movements  in  X, Y and Z movements with very heavy duty Class 2  industrial stepper motors. On the Basic 4.4 we use the industry leading commercial quality HSD 2.1kw (3 HP) 3-phase electrical spindle, which comes with 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” high precision ER25 collets. The 3-phase motor is then converted by a Delta phase inverter to run at 0-18,000 rpm on single-phase 220-volt power. HSD is the leading Italian manufacturer of CNC spindles throughout the world. Users will find the speed, power and precision of the HSD spindle second to none.

For educational users we now offer Protex Safety Cages in various sizes as options for safety in the work shop. The cages typically have a 48″ swing door with electrical interlock so the machine will stop running its program if the door is opened. The cages can have one, two, three or four walls in many sizes.

The machining area is just under 48” x 48” with a gantry clearance height of 8.25”. This speedy powerful machine can travel at 234”/minute and cut at up to 195”/minute. To make set up simple we include a tool measure devise for making accurate measurements of tool height when starting your projects.

To operate the machine we use a NC Studio model NK105 G3 hand held controller. Simply download your work program from your computer to a memory stick, slide it into the USB port on the control panel and the hand held controller works everything from there – perfect for ease of operation and keeping your computer out of the dusty world of your workshop.

The “guts” of the Basic 4.4 is an elaborate control box full of Schneider CSA contactors, fuses and holders, Delta Inverter, motor controls and NC Studio control boxes. We use Omron micro limit switches for controlling stops and movements of the home positioning. The Basic M4.4 is fully CSA certified for use in Canadian and American schools and commercial applications

The Basic M4.4 operates on 220-volt power on a standard 20-amp 220-volt circuit breaker. For dust collection we include a dust boot with a 2.5” dust port to connect to standard dust hose. The Basic 4.4 ships to our customers in a wooden crate measuring 72” x 70” x 70” and weighs in at 1500 pounds.

Operating software is not included. CWI recommends the Vectric CNC products. We stock V-Carve Pro and Aspire. Other options you may want to consider are cutting tools and dust hose. We can also offer the Basic series of CNC in a 48” x 96” and 60″ x 120″working area for larger work as well as optional vacuum hold down table, rotary fourth axis attachment and automatic tool change.


  • Working area: 47.25” x 47.25” x 8”
  • 3 HP HSD Italian industrial air-cooled spindle
  • ER25 precision router bit collets
  • 1/8”, 1/4” and 1/2” collets included
  • T-slot aluminum black anodized table
  • Gantry clearance of 8”
  • NC Studio NK105 G3 handheld controller
  • USB information transfer port
  • Hidden electronics cabinet in Frame of machine
  • Schneider disconnect w/safety lockout
  • Stepper drive motors
  • DELTA inverter
  • SHIMPO reducer
  • Ultra Precise Rack and Pinion Movement in Z, X & Y axis
  • Traveling speed 234”/minute
  • Maximum working speed 195”/minute
  • THK linear rail
  • Tool measuring sensor
  • German Schneider electronics
  • Japanese Omron switches
  • CSA power supply, switch and contactor
  • 1PH 220V 60HZ
  • Plywood crate


  • 48” x 96” or 60″ x 120″ Working Area
  • Vacuum Hold Down Table
  • Fourth Axis Rotary Attachment
  • Automatic Tool Change
  • Vectric V-Carve Pro software
  • Vectric Aspire software
  • Starter tooling kit
  • Onsite Training
  • Protex Security Cage with Electrical Interlock



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