DustFX Polyurethane Dust Collection Hose

The hose I’ve been waiting for:

coiled hose

Let’s face it, it’s hard to get excited about dust collection hoses, most of the time they are downright annoying. Sold as “flexible”, these hoses can be far from that at times and some are just too stiff to use for a short complex connection or bend. I’ve always kept my eyes open for a truly flexible, crush resistant and pliable hose that I can use to connect to my portable and some stationary woodworking machinery to. I have now found exactly what I’ve been searching for, The DustFX Polyurethane Dust Collection Hose.

hoseThe DustFX Polyurethane Dust Collection Hose is available in four sizes to accommodate almost every dust collection need imaginable. Sold by the foot in 2.5”, 4”, 5”, and 6” diameters and sold in 10’ boxed lengths in 2.5” and 4″, the hose is also sold in 20’ boxed lengths in 4″ diameter and 50’ coiled rolls in all diameters. Made from tough but flexible and pliable polyurethane, this hose is extremely versatile when it comes to hooking up to woodworking machinery, be it portable or stationary. The tough polyurethane construction is so tough that after repeated attempts to poke a ball point pen through it, I simply gave up. In a workshop environment, punctures from splinters, screws, nails, or just general shop accidents like stepping on it or dropping sharp or heavy objects on it won’t be a problem. Other hoses like PVC are a lot less forgiving.

host durabilityThis hose is flexible and pliable enough to be contorted (for lack of a better word) into situations where other hoses would be too stiff for that type application. With The DustFX Polyurethane Dust Collection Hose, just cut it to length, manhandle it into a cramped location or a difficult bend, and tighten up the clamps and go. This  flexibility makes it a perfect hose for machines that are constantly on the move like the spindle on a CNC router, PVC and other lesser quality hoses would deteriorate quickly in that type of application.

The hose is see through, perfect for seeing any clogs, remains pliable in -40 to +90 degrees Celsius, which is a real bonus when working in a cold shop. The hose also contains a reinforcing steel wire running the length of the hose and is capable of electrostatic discharge…no more nasty static shocks.

This hose is said to be “crush resistant”, well I have inadvertently stepped on it a couple of times and much to my surprise, it did not crush. The hose has a smooth interior wall that creates less drag and facilitates the efficient movement of wood chips and sawdust through the hose. Whether it has been stretched to its maximum capacity or coiled up for use in a pinch, this hose is the most flexible, versatile dust collection hose I have ever used. Connecting dust collection piping to portable or stationary woodworking machinery is now a pleasurable experience.

hooked up hose The DustFX Polyurethane Dust Collection Hose Review

I like the fact that this hose is sold by the foot and can be purchased in lengths that I need. No longer do I have to purchase a 10′ length of hose when I only need 2′ and end up with 8′ of hose coiled up in a corner somewhere.

For more information on DustFX Polyurethane Dust Collection Hoses, click here.

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